Age Category: 30-39

On Saturday I bid farewell to my twenties and welcomed my thirties on Sunday. The goal was to run out my twenties and run in the thirties. Ideally we would have a treadmill and I could have ran from 11:59pm to 12:01am. But we don't have a treadmill and I don't think jogging on the spot in the bedroom counts. So on Saturday I did a relatively easy 7 km along the river. I passed many sorts of runners including some wearing parkas (it wasn't that cold) and a race in progress. Watching those ultra fast, smooth, and efficient runners always makes me stand a little taller and push a little harder. Saturday night proved to be one of little sleep with M up every two hours from midnight on (teeth?). So rather than running Sunday morning I opted for a nap. And hey - who needs to run on their birthday anyways. So today I went out for my first run as a 30 year old. When I was 27 I proclaimed - I can't wait to be 30! Because if I had been 30 I would've placed first in my age group at that race. Hopefully pushing the stroller will increase my fitness so I can place in my age category at least once this race season, though I may have to find a very very small race. I took M out with me today because the sun was shining and it was finally a decent temperature - plus 11! I even took my jacket off part way through the run and ran in my tshirt. I still feel like I'm learning to run with the stroller. It's hard to stay really upright and not push your butt back. It's hard to keep your arms relaxed. It's also hard finding my pace and not exhausting myself. I try to run slower but somehow I just speed up to pace, and then with the extra weight my heart rate shoots up so I get tired. I definately have been taking walk breaks pushing the stroller to help keep my heart rate down. Very soon I'll have my very own Garmin (more on this later) to keep track of all these things. The thing with spring running I don't enjoy are puddles and mud. When you're pushing the stroller it's much harder to leap over them or run around them. I was doing a decent job of avoiding them today but somehow I just could miss the one that resulted in a soggy right foot and mud up the leg. So much for clean white shoes. Maybe now I just looked seasoned and hardcore - yep, definately going with that. PS. I try really hard to format my blog so it's not one big paragraph but something is screwy.

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