All that I can do

Sometimes life sucks. Especially if your 9.5 months old and you can't take anything to help with the congestion and sleeping is uncomfortable and swallowing your snot gives you an upset stomach. Mallory has a wicked cold and as such we've been up for the last two nights trying to soothe her and help her get any sleep she can. Right now she's sleeping in the stroller which I've brought into the house because I didn't want to move her by taking her out.I'm exhausted. I've been trying to let Stu get some rest as he's been working day shifts and shouldn't be too tired otherwise he could compromise patient safety.

All I could manage these last two days was walks with Mallory. Yes, I could've gone up to the oval to meet the run group last night and sure I could attempt to lift some weights in the basement today. I know though that exhaustion leads to poor form and poor form leads to injury. My glute is finally not nagging me at every second of the day and so I'm going to be kind to my body and let it rest as 3 hours of broken sleep each night is not ideal for strenuous activity of any kind. So here's hoping for the entire household that Mallory gets better real soon and I can get back to it lickity split.

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