Begin Journey

It's March 1st. That means there's just a few short weeks or months to get trained and ready for a number of to-do's on the list. Inspired by my friend Lisa to blog about the experience (read hers here: getting-ripped.blogspot.com) I decided I should do the same - and that all you readers should post comments and keep me inspired and committed to the challenges. I'll post about my workouts and the torture I'm enduring, you post about my insanity while either a)joining me or b) laughing and pointing but secretly wishing you were this dedicated.

Here are the real challenges on the schedule this year, all of which can be complicated by weather, child, husband, my own body, and other non-excusable disruptions in day-to-day life.

April 10: Spring Trio 10km, goal time of less than 60 minutes. I'm not even sure I can run for that long consecutively right now.

May 8: Mother's Day 5km, goal time of less than 25 minutes. Jet lag (arrive back from UK on May 4) be nice to me.

May 29: Calgary 1/2 Marathon, goal time of less than 2 hours. I have never run this far in my life.

June 25: K100, leg undetermined. This is the race I'm the most confident about as the distance will be shorter than a half marathon and I should have my kms up and steady.

August 6: Warrior Dash in Whistler. Stu has me convinced to do this. But it's for fun right? (www.warriordash.com)

September 17: Blitz Duathlon (www.blitzevents.ca). Biking is a whole new thing.

October sometime: Probably another 1/2 marathon, Ekiden again perhaps. Ideally not slowing down because winter is approaching.

As the post-partum body starts to regain some strength and funtionality (ie. speed) I'm hoping that posting the calendar of workouts in a highly visible area (read: don't stare at self brushing teeth in mirror, stare at schedule) will keep me on track. I might even give myself stickers for completion. So please stay tuned and cheer me on!

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