Do I have to?

In one short word. No. I don't have to do anything I don't want to with my body. Do I want to? Yes and no. Yes, I want to keep up with the plan. No, because I feel like a slug or maybe a sloth. It started this morning with a 7:10 alarm - yes, I actually had to set the alarm this morning rather than waking up to Mallory - who I think would have slept until at least 8:00 today - to pick up my brother from the airport at 8:25 - who lands during rush hour? And since that moment, or maybe those tossing and turning moments last night, my energy level has been relatively non-existent. I thought a walk to the grocery store in the sun and modestly 'good' weather would help perk me up. No. Lunch. No. A workout. No.

Today is the kind of day I dread - working out with next to no energy. But sometimes I surprise myself, get going, and voila! Energy! So I willed it upon myself. Put on some pumping music, mentally committed myself to do only what I knew I could but hoped ever so deeply that after about 10 minutes that magic would appear in my muscles and lungs. Alas, it eluded me. So today, only the tiniest of stars on the calendar. Considering I was supposed to do weights yesterday (didn't happen), run today (weights instead), and rest tomorrow, the fact that I've done anything at all is an accomplishment. Tomorrow, I will run. I will, I swear. I think I'll even reward myself with dessert tonight because I will run tomorrow. I will, you'll see. And it'll be great!

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