Mom & Babe (& Dad) Class Concludes

Well today was the last official mom and babe class - which Stu and Miki (the dads) attended when they could. Are we fitter - you bet! And the kids - well we soon discovered the best way to keep them all happy was to pull out a whole bunch of snacks. I swear some days it took us as long to clean up smooshed blueberries and cheerios after class as it did to work out. Thanks again Tricia for helping whip our post-partum bodies back into shape - not that it remotely resembles my pre baby shape but it's good, I'll take it. I didn't get a picture of Sara but I'm sure her and I will get up to some other butt kicking workouts together in the future.

Christine doing some great one arm pulls
L. Avery - Tricia's daughter. R. Kellan (Sara) & Siena (Christine)

M hanging wtih Auntie Tricia.

Disclaimer: We are only smiling because Tricia is taking our picture. Then we promptly returned to grimacing.

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