Ok, I'm going to say it, I'm nervous. 10km race in 16 days - ummm. Half marathon end of May - ummm. I have been trying to run, really. But have you looked outside? Have you even shovelled - because I know we haven't been and I can't really blame all the rest of Calgary for refusing to shovel either. It's exhausting all this snow.

I did manage to make it out on Tuesday with my mom and Mallory for a 5km run. It was a great temperature and there was no wind. But the path's weren't clear so we slogged it through with the stroller. Oh mom helped - on the flat shovelled part. But I'm a trooper and I'm fitter for it.

I will take some blame for this weather - in organizing to move I packed away 98% of our winter gear. I am sorry readers, I have contributed to the prolonging of winter. I promise this fall to pack away all my summer gear early in hopes of an extension on our sunny weather.

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