Now I eat Humble Pie

I was starting to think that I might actually be fitter. But then I received my usual wake up call at class with Tricia today. Today's particular gruelling workout was a round of cardio including the rower, over and backs on the step, lateral ladder work, standing on the bike, leaping side lunges onto the bosu, lateral shuffles and touches, burpees with the medicine ball, and skipping. Once through. Then weights - chest press and twist, alternating back rows, reverse lunges, crunches, one arm kettle bell swings. Twice through then repeat the cardio circuit. Stu commented at one point: Aren't these supposed to get easier over time? All Tricia could do was laugh. All I could do was keep going as if there was some sort of momentum I had going. I know this is all worth it though, why?

I'm at my pre pregnancy weight. The more important fact is that at this rate I just might reach my ideal race weight for the half marathon. So I will eat humble pie and keep getting it handed to me on Thursdays.

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