Ah, rest days, I am so grateful for them. After getting my butt handed to me yesterday from Tricia (yes I am more aware of my butt today as I climb stairs and sit down/stand up) I am so ready for a day of R&R. R&R does not however stand for Rest and Relaxation; It stands for Recover and Roll. There's no way to do the next three days if I don't flush out some lactic acid but doing a short spin session (15 minutes or so) followed by some long deep passes on the foam roller.

Tomorrow I had a run on the calendar. As the forecast sucks (minus a billion) I think I'm going to swap tomorrow's and Monday's workouts. Which means I suffer tomorrow and run Monday. I usually like to have the hardest workout before a R&R day but I guess this set of workouts will make the next R&R day totally worth it.

Speaking of gratitude. I re-read a great article in Runner's World about being grateful. I read it while sitting in the freezing ass tub yesterday. Yes, I had to find someway to be grateful for the 15 minutes I spent sitting in a 17 degree celsius tub. My gratitude statement went something like this: 'I am grateful for having a magazine subscription that distracts me from the fact that I can't feel my toes'. Today as part of R&R day I'm going to fill that same tub up with hot water tonight and maybe have some more R&R. Red wine and Reading. Now there's something to be grateful for. And I'm thinking if I'm really lucky it'll be a R&R&R. The third R being a foot Rub from the hubby.

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