Wanted: Return to Plan; Reward: Food

Why the reward? Well, after five days away due to general lack of energy due to severe lack of sleep, I needed - ok wanted - the reward for jumping back on full steam and suffering. Mallory is feeling a whole lot better so I have no excuses not to make myself better too.
I am all about the reward. Yes, the little star stickers on the workout calendar are great but I'm talking something really tangible here, like ice cream. Ice cream is my dessert of choice. It's not a side, it's a main. I particularily love vanilla, the really creamy good stuff. We had a party on the weekend and we were kindly gifted three boxes of left over ice cream. Add this to the box I broke down and bought last week we have four half eaten boxes of ice cream in the house. I grabbed the vanilla out of the basement freezer and noted upon scooping that it was 1/2 the fat of regular ice cream. I was leary. I could see in the colour that it was white, not yellow. I scooped myself a bowl, took two bites, dumped it down the sink. Frozen milk is not a reward unless it's the flavoured Italian version that follows a particularly rich meal with bold wine. Out came my good creamy double churned vanilla goodness. Now that rolls around in the mouth much better.

Food. I am not one to shy away from food. Real Food. Butter. Eggs, yolk included. Red Meat. Whole Milk. Fruits. Vegetables - yes even potatoes, lots of them. Whole Grains. One of the things I love about Mallory eating solids is all the extra fruit and veg I'm getting because I want her to eat it so I take the time to serve it to all three of us. As I'm still breastfeeding I know that there is a caloric requirment related to this so I continue to eat freely and abundantly all the good things in our house. From time to time I indulge in the occassional left over birthday cake, get fries from the drive thru, or have a pop. But how can you feel guilty about eating any of this when 98% of your diet is filled with wholesome goodness? Here's the thing, if people actually ate real food they'd be smarter, or at the very least have some energy to get up and move. I'm so tired of seeing the 'Eat these 10 Super Foods Now!' You know what they are? Real food. And the next list, more real food. And the list after that, yep, more real food.

So, food can be an excellent reward. How delicious is a mango? I bought a bunch today as a reward to the family as if to say, hooray, we survived the bleak of winter. How about pasta? Sure, carbs filled with cheese could be unhealthy. Or you could add a bunch of fresh herbs and some nuts and serve it as a side to protein and some steamed veg and you have a great date night meal. Real Food is not our enemy. Real Food is our fuel.

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