Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow - The Suffering

Yesterday I did my program from Tricia. Tricia, my lovely cousin and personal trainer, was so kind to give me a grueling regime to kick this postpartum butt back into shape. Literally, my butt had almost all but diminished - ok the muscle part at least, there is still junk in the trunk. But I don't really want to talk about yesterday because yesterday was good. I want to talk about today.

I Suffered, quite literally. Stu and I found cycling videos for the spin bike whose motto is: I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow. The video I did today was called Revolver. It's not because the footage is of the velodrome or cyclocross loops or because you repeat the same series of intervals, it's because you want to shoot yourself at the beginning, middle, and end because it's so freaking tough. So freaking tough you drop F bombs at the television. This is why we workout while Mallory naps. The workout went like this: 4min warmup, 1.5min light temp0, 2min moderate tempo, then 16 intervals working for 1minute at 10/10 effort then recovering for 1min at 3/10 effot. I admit, I didn't make it to 10/10 every interval but I was definately above an 8 everytime. Check out the suffering for yourself - although hard, it's inspiring to see the athletes in the video footage and their amazing capabilities.

Then I suffered some more. No I wasn't dumb enough to do another video. This is me, in the freezing ass tub. Why would I sit in a cold tub? Well, it'll only make tomorrow easier. Because tomorrow is class with Tricia and there is no mercy. And I have to keep up with her this week. Two weeks ago she kicked my flabby butt, ya ya she's a trainer it's her job. Ya, ya, she's 20 weeks pregnant! Let the suffering continue.

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