Still Alive

I'm still alive after my last run but I'm pretty certain my shoes have died a little. We're in Enlgand visiting Stu's family and I put my shoes on to go for a run today (first in 10) and I'm pretty sure the spring has left my shoes. Ok, likely not but I'm blaming them for my plod through the village and not myself for my pitiful 5.5km run. I really wanted to put in 8 today at least but it just wasn't to be. Maybe it's the scorching hot weather. No really - it was probably 14 degrees at 8:30 this morning. I never in my life would've expected weather this good in England. I came back and had an ice bath so hopefully that will get my legs refreshed for tomorrow's run. My calves are sore from all the walking we've been doing so those will need a good stretch too.


Race Summary

Further - definately (longest run to date). Faster - at times. Fitter - getting there.

Well, I did it! A sub 55 10km - 54:28 to be exact. That's part one of the good news. The bad news - I came dead last in my age category - ok 4/4 isn't that bad. Overall I'm super enthused about my run but more importantly I'm super excited about Stu's great race. He did the 5km. He was the second male overall and first in his age category. How great is that! When I saw him heading back I just beamed with pride - all the way until my turn around point. The thing with out and backs is you know exactly who is in front of you and how far. You count. 1st female, 2nd female... I got really excited after four went past and a fifth wasn't in sight. Yes, I could have a top five finish. Wait, there she is, female number five, not more than .5km in front of me - she has just started back from the turn around. Racing is tricky. You set out with one goal but as you move along things change. Suddenly a sub 55 isn't the goal at all, a top five finish is. But the legs just didn't have it today - or the lungs. This was my longest run to date and as you can see from my garmin results my heart was working at near capacity. I shouldn't be taking anything away from this race except the fact that I'm amazing. My best ever 10km race result (haven't run too many) was a 52:02. I think I'm definately going to be signing up for another 10km for the late spring or early summer - Stampede 10km perhaps. Do I dare say I want a sub 50?


Be Happy

This is a fantastic video and it reminded me of the real reason to be active, to be happy. Being able to lift, push, run, & bike harder than last week, last month, last year - that makes me happy. Tomorrow is race day - we'll see if the legs and lungs are happy.



Star #1: Introducing: Sir Conehead. I couldn't even imagine doing the two videos we have back to back - this guy is amazing!

Stars#2: A recap of March (finally). I wasn't joking when I said I was going to motivate myself with star stickers. Stu thinks it's a bit odd, ok even I think it's a bit odd, but it works. I will do anything for a star. March overall wasn't such a bad month but I definately wish I could have run more. All in all I did 75% of my planned workouts.

I'm focused to run more during April and May - I don't want to run too much though as I'll burn out mentally, I very much need to have a great mix of cross training in my plans to stay motivated. On the 16th we leave for England for 2.5 weeks. There won't be much to do there in the way of cross-training, but I am going to take a band or two as they're light enough to pack. I know vacations should be for relaxing but not this girl. I hope to blog while over there - I want to take my camera on some runs (and the garmin) to post some pictures of what it's like to run through the country side. Running nearer sea level could be great for the first couple runs but I wonder about running when I get home with the altitude difference.

Race this Sunday coming up. I'm focusing on the fact that it'll be a beautiful sunny morning and that I'll have my husband and daughter to greet me at the finish line. I'm also focusing on the fact that I had a great run on Sunday and I feel confident for a sub 60 time and know if the cards are right I can go sub 55. Going to take M out for a run in the stroller this afternoon as it is another beautiful spring day.


Sunday Run w/ the Garmin

Stu and I headed down to the pathway today to get out of the house and get some fresh air. He took Mallory in the stroller for the first time ever - his verdict: this is hard! I put in a 7.4km run and used the Garmin running for the first time. Check out the run details under 'Garmin Workouts' on the right.