Race Summary

Further - definately (longest run to date). Faster - at times. Fitter - getting there.

Well, I did it! A sub 55 10km - 54:28 to be exact. That's part one of the good news. The bad news - I came dead last in my age category - ok 4/4 isn't that bad. Overall I'm super enthused about my run but more importantly I'm super excited about Stu's great race. He did the 5km. He was the second male overall and first in his age category. How great is that! When I saw him heading back I just beamed with pride - all the way until my turn around point. The thing with out and backs is you know exactly who is in front of you and how far. You count. 1st female, 2nd female... I got really excited after four went past and a fifth wasn't in sight. Yes, I could have a top five finish. Wait, there she is, female number five, not more than .5km in front of me - she has just started back from the turn around. Racing is tricky. You set out with one goal but as you move along things change. Suddenly a sub 55 isn't the goal at all, a top five finish is. But the legs just didn't have it today - or the lungs. This was my longest run to date and as you can see from my garmin results my heart was working at near capacity. I shouldn't be taking anything away from this race except the fact that I'm amazing. My best ever 10km race result (haven't run too many) was a 52:02. I think I'm definately going to be signing up for another 10km for the late spring or early summer - Stampede 10km perhaps. Do I dare say I want a sub 50?

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