Star #1: Introducing: Sir Conehead. I couldn't even imagine doing the two videos we have back to back - this guy is amazing!

Stars#2: A recap of March (finally). I wasn't joking when I said I was going to motivate myself with star stickers. Stu thinks it's a bit odd, ok even I think it's a bit odd, but it works. I will do anything for a star. March overall wasn't such a bad month but I definately wish I could have run more. All in all I did 75% of my planned workouts.

I'm focused to run more during April and May - I don't want to run too much though as I'll burn out mentally, I very much need to have a great mix of cross training in my plans to stay motivated. On the 16th we leave for England for 2.5 weeks. There won't be much to do there in the way of cross-training, but I am going to take a band or two as they're light enough to pack. I know vacations should be for relaxing but not this girl. I hope to blog while over there - I want to take my camera on some runs (and the garmin) to post some pictures of what it's like to run through the country side. Running nearer sea level could be great for the first couple runs but I wonder about running when I get home with the altitude difference.

Race this Sunday coming up. I'm focusing on the fact that it'll be a beautiful sunny morning and that I'll have my husband and daughter to greet me at the finish line. I'm also focusing on the fact that I had a great run on Sunday and I feel confident for a sub 60 time and know if the cards are right I can go sub 55. Going to take M out for a run in the stroller this afternoon as it is another beautiful spring day.

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