Still Alive

I'm still alive after my last run but I'm pretty certain my shoes have died a little. We're in Enlgand visiting Stu's family and I put my shoes on to go for a run today (first in 10) and I'm pretty sure the spring has left my shoes. Ok, likely not but I'm blaming them for my plod through the village and not myself for my pitiful 5.5km run. I really wanted to put in 8 today at least but it just wasn't to be. Maybe it's the scorching hot weather. No really - it was probably 14 degrees at 8:30 this morning. I never in my life would've expected weather this good in England. I came back and had an ice bath so hopefully that will get my legs refreshed for tomorrow's run. My calves are sore from all the walking we've been doing so those will need a good stretch too.

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