Fitter, Further, Faster

Yep, all three in one run today. Fitter because my avg. beats per minute are dropping. Further because I did 12km. Faster because I avg'd a 5:50 pace (vs. 6:00 or higher). And I'm happy to say I did this all on a windy day. Not breezy, windy. The in-laws took Mallory for a walk while I ran. Here's what I concluded today: I'm a wuss - I'd rather be indoors riding my bike. But I substituted a bike ride yesterday rather than have two windy workouts in a row. I've complained many a time about the wind and how much it sucks. Today there were lots and lots of people out running despite the wind. I need a mental shift if I'm ever going to PB again because training is hard work, including running in the wind.

I'm toying with the idea of trying to PB my 5km time this summer. I would have six weeks post 1/2 marathon to work on speed. I'll have some distance under me that I can keep up once a week and then I can push for time. But this is a very very gutsy move. Current PB pace is a 4:42. I was only averaging a 4:50 pace doing 600m repeats last night. So to conceivably do a sustained pace sub 4:42 is asking a lot of this body. I think I should focus on completing this half marathon and then decide if I'm in any shape to work that hard.

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