Full Steam Ahead

Vacation is over and I must get going. The training plan looks like this - run two days, cross train, run two days, rest. The runs will go like this 1. tempo 2. go long 3. go longer 4. punishment via speed or hills. The cross train day will be a core and upper body workout. The rest day is real rest. the kind with my feet up - ideally being rubbed by Stu. Though maybe as the weather is so beautiful, Mallory and I will get a walk to the park in.

Yesterday I did the mother's day 5km with my mom. It wasn't quite tempo but fast enough to count for something good - a PB for my mom. Though I know she can do a lot better. Mom can run far - she just finished the Boston Marathon for goodness sake! I know she can do faster over 5km - she just needs to tap into the excitement and thrill of running so fast you can't breathe and want to puke. I happen to love running like this, which I why she is going to pace me through the distances I need to do in order to run a successful half and I am going to push her over the short courses.

On track with the training plan today (albeit two days in) I did a beautiful 10km through Griffith Woods (New Discovery). I had to bop and weave through the trails a bit to accomplish the distance but it was well worth it. It was so fresh in the woods; the birds were singing and I saw a loon - I can't remember the last time I saw a loon, they are so beautiful. Overall I felt pretty darn good, pretty confident, and well, just plain pretty. My heart also seems to be liking running better than it has been, I am no longer pushing the red line 2km in, more like 6.

I have been reading about running while on vacation. Run Like a Mother (or here) has been a great book to get me motivated and know that I'm not the quirkiest, the slowest, the fastest, or alone in my quest to conquer distances and speeds. Sarah and Dimity are hilarious (read about them). But I have come to realize that I need a running partner, or partners who are hopefully also mothers. I need someone to get me out the door and away from all the packing and planning that is currently taking place (moving June 6 - half our worldly goods into storage, half into a 2 bdrm condo; seeking new house to buy and renovate). If you're reading this and you want to run a 5:45/6:00 min/km pace with me, or you know of someone who could, please connect us.

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