Going Going

Between selling, buying, packing, training, planning M's first birthday - I just can't wait for May 29, June 6, and June 20 to be come and gone. But I know even after the half marathon, after we officially move out, and after we officially take possession, there will still be something on my plate. So I keep going.

I go'ed 15km on Friday night. Here's who is on the pathways on a Friday night from 7:45-9:15 on a long weekend. Police officers on a bike. I thought I'd be friendly and say hello. But it came out like this (picture shy bashful 14 year old girl who has a crush) "hhhiii". Yes, my voice was barely above a whisper; so embarrassing. On with the run. The next obvious group or non-group of people have to be single people. Well, solo-ists at least. What married person would choose to spend Friday night running, oh right, me, the mother. There was a cute couple on a tandem bike. And then as I approached Eau Claire there they were. Innocent young couples (<23) taking photos on their iphones and generally being wholly unaware that people are actually trying to exercise and 'get the heck out of my way retards... ugh!' Nothing better than running along cologne infested pathways. But the geese were overly polite and stayed well out of my way (nothing worse than an angry goose), though they still need to learn not to poop on the paths. The beaver was busy building his dam and generally the paths were nice and clear being so late at night. It was nice not to have to dodge around amblers and 4-people-across groups for a change on what is normally an overly busy pathway.

Today the plan is to go 16+km around the reservoir. Dave is going to keep me company and my mind off the pouring rain and my aches and pains.

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