There was so much to be thankful about this morning. First, it was warm enough to wear a skirt. Second, I felt hot wearing said skirt. Third, my hubby was home to watch Mallory. Fourth, who doesn't love a smiling baby first thing in the morning? Lastly, I had a massage booked for later in the morning.

Right on track with my overload and fatigue training principle I put in an 11km run from the front door of the house. Not so easy when you're trying to avoid large hills so as not to stress my slightly aching right hip. I aimed for the most scenic route I could but somehow I was still not distracted by that or my music and the run was a push. But I made it home in one solid piece just in time to jump into a chilly tub. Thankfully the sun stayed out all day so I promptly returned outside to warm up the cold legs.

I'm excited to get out and do speed work tomorrow night. I'm such a sucker for punishment.

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