K100 - A Great Day

I will have to say, I'm not sure the last time I had that much fun. It started Friday night with vehicle decorating and the mannequin Jen managed to talk her neighbour into donating to a worthwhile team event - after all, it had only been in his backyard for a few years. So Charlotte the Zombie joined the team and got a bit muddy; Those are her original clothes. Charlotte was a feature attraction on the course this year with many teams stopping to take photos.

There was no shortage of team spirit from 4:30am onward into the evening. Air horns, car horns, music blasting - it all earned us a reputation. "That Zombie team honks at everything", "That Zombie team is really loud". Ah, they wish they had the guts to be like us. Speaking of honking, I'm clearly the hornier of the drivers - right Chris? That's ok, I forgive you for the slip up as your cookies made my day. Of course being like us comes with its own downfalls too. In spirit and haste to meet up with our runner at the 2km mark we might have left a team member behind at the start of a leg. Oops, sorry Rob!

Despite the chillier weather this year we managed to all have good runs and good times. Dave and Molly pulled through and each ran extra to cover leg three. Thanks - I guess I better train up better for next year in case I have to take a turn.

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