Trail Thursdays

Today was the first Trail Thursday. I'm going to LOVE Trail Thursdays because:

1. I got new trail shoes - pictured nice and muddy after their debut and
2. I got a new trail buddies - Lisa & Kaidee

We might not be able to get our hubbies geared up for the Spartan Race but we sure are - and we're going to take it to them on the course! Here's the loop we did today - the plan is to extend the distance to around 6 0r 7km then put in some more hills and speed. Ooops, did I forget to mention that to you Lisa - that I'm formulating a plan for us based on my previous tried and true running successes? Well let's just say we are both going to have to put in some speed shifts to get us that 5km in 30min with all the obstacles. But not to worry I am confident we can do it!

Now, I can't forget to mention the best thing about my run today. As I was leaving to go out the door Stu brought Mallory over to say good-bye. Well I guess she recognized me in running gear and remembered the drill from 2+ weeks ago- she started clapping. My own little cheerleader no matter the distance or terrain - what mom could ask for anything better?

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