Crash. Bang. Boom.

Well it had to happen - but did it have to be today? Today, the first day I went back to work - ok just casually for a shift or two but still, today? Today when I was already pushing the time bracket in which to ride, get Mallory ready, get myself ready, and to work, today? Well as it happened, yes, today. And how did it happen? Multi-tasking. I have a lot to learn while riding the bike and I don't even know why I thought I could adjust my clothing without swerving madly all over the road. As it was slightly chilly I thought I could pull my sleeve over my garmin and use the thumb hole for some extra warmth. As such I weebled when I should have wobbled and wham! Turns out I could pull my sleeve over the garmin - after I crashed that is. I was on the road when I bailed so my front tire actually hit the curb and I ended up on the sidewalk. I didn't hit my head so I don't need a new helmet (big sigh). Thankfully a nice guy stopped to help me get my chain back on. Otherwise the bike seems fine but Stu is going to go over it for me tomorrow to be sure. Above are the pictures that got taken this am.

And bless my dear husband Stu. He is genuinely concerned about me. Who are we kiddin?. After 1. laughing, 2. laughing some more, he asked if I was ok. He hesitated to ask about the bike but I think he might have actually been more concerned about it, he just knew he couldn't ask about the bike before asking about me. But he truly loves me. I got a call at work this morning - what do you want on your RoadId? Ok yes, we should have had these long ago but now it'll be one more thing to add to the checklist of things to take on a run or ride. Shoes. Check. Helmet. Check. Sunglasses. Check. Garmin. Check. You get the idea.

Thankfully the garmin can provide all the nasty details pertaining to the crash for when I'm coherent enough to decipher them. Let's recap: 0.6kms into my ride this morning I crashed. Yep, 1 minute 59 seconds. And how fast was I going when I hit the pavement? 25.4km/hr. I guess it's a good thing Stu and I put on my new speed and cadence sensor last night. I mean, what is crash if you can't provide all the facts? Too stubborn to quit so off I took for a measly 18km round trip. Yes I was definitely more nervous and cautious as I rode - probably not a bad thing as it was rush hour on the pathways as people commuted to work.

Speaking of commuters - thanks to the jack @$$ in the black car who saw me bail hard and didn't stop to check if I was ok. Thank you to the nice guy runner and the little old asian man who offered me a tissue - no, I wasn't crying but my knee was clearly bleeding. The road rash sucks - good thing it's summer and my legs were decently shaved a day or two ago. My leg is swollen and is going to have a date with an ice pack tonight. The rest of my body is going to have a good long soak in epsom salts - to cleanse the wounds and help alleviate the pain in my right hip. I am sure I am going to bruise pretty good. I am hoping having made friends with Tylenol today and in keeping up the relationship that I'll be well enough to join Lisa for our regular Thursday trail run. Here's how the wounds are looking tonight.

So there you have it. I'm an idiot. I take full responsibility for my actions and I can't believe how utterly avoidable all of this truly was. There is nothing glorious about road rash.

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