Dirty Love

It's not everyday that you can convince your 15 year old sister to join you for a run. It's not everyday that she can make it more than 1km without stopping. So, being the good sister I am, I left her - after all, she knew her way back, I didn't (well I had a vague idea). I veered off the gravel path onto a well worn trail with lots of undulations, tree roots, logs to scale, puddles to jump. All in all it was a perfect trail. I am in love with trail running. This could become an amazing but time consuming adventure. I'm dreaming of hitting the trails in and around Bragg Creek and Canmore - a good hours drive away. Here's the thing, can I justify leaving the family for that long? I am going to have to do more exploring at Nose Hill and find some more trails in the city.

Well, off to pound some weights and keep the strength up, especially since the next two scheduled races are going to require some heavy lifting, pulling, and/or pushing.

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