Last night I bought a new-to-me road bike. She is a thing of beauty - at least to me, Stu, and the former seller. I hadn't been looking for a bike and for some reason I jumped on kijiji out of curiosity. Voila! There she was - a great four year old bike anally maintained for a reasonable price. And, as I am training for the duathlon in September I figure I better get my bike on. I took her for a spin to the park with Stu and Mallory tonight - M was very excited for me - or loved being in the wagon on the road for the first time. Let's say both. In fact she's been all over the bike since this afternoon while we were tweaking the settings a bit. She got chain grease on her hands a few times and just wanted to keep touching it. Stu too keeps eyeing it longingly - yes, his oversized frame wants to take my xs bike for a spin.

There were a few bikes on for sale but this one jumped out at me - perhaps because it's blue. When Dave joined me for a few colours during the half marathon we got talking about power colours - shades you draw energy from. He drew from orange and yellows. I hadn't thought about it before but I got wondering - what is my power colour? I do draw energy from pink - perhaps a little 'girl power' but I am not comfortable wearing the colour while being sporty, why is that? When I see other women in pink I get sentimental about women being active and it makes me proud of them - they are likely mothers or grandmothers, wives, and lead very busy lives. So why don't I wear pink then too? I guess I don't like to stand out - call attention to my cause or in the last bit of any race a face that is pinker than any top on the course. My go-to colour is blue. Serene, calm, pretty. Blue is not my favorite colour, in fact, fuchsia (pink) is. But in the realm of sports I love blue. Even bright teals and royals - but they probably attract just as much attention as any pink does. So what is it exactly about blue that appeals to me? I've been racking my brain trying to decide exactly what it is but I can't pinpoint any particular reason. I like it, I feel good in it, so there, that's a good enough reason for me.

Ok, I haven't really relegated Stu to the couch but you get the idea of how much I'm loving the idea of having this bike.

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