First of Fifty - Challenge Me

Here it is, the first of fifty 'F' posts. I thought I'd keep with the alliteration and thus Fifty F Posts - sure I could have chosen four, fifteen, or forty, but that wouldn't be much of a challenge would it? So I've compiled a list of fifty F words that I think I can tie into fitness (not a post title) but here's the challenge - I want you to propose an F word for me - it could be as obscure as you want - and I will somehow try to work it into a post about running, biking, or anything else health related that ties in with being Faster, Further, or Fitter. My extra F for the day - Falls. We hiked to Bow Glacier Falls on Sunday - what a fantastic day and the scenery was beautiful!

Speaking of health I'd like to report on something outstanding I just discovered. My cholesterol numbers are fantastic. I don't just mean on the low end of the healthy range - they're below. How can this be though? I eat butter, I drink whole milk, I consume red meat at least once a week if not twice, I have the occasional bag of potato chips for lunch... All that aside cholesterol is much more complicated than what you eat. I'm fortunate to have good genetics (thanks mom!); I exercise regularly; I consume all the good foods to counter the 'bad' - whole grains, fruits, veggies, healthy oils (mmm, olive oil); and I have relatively low levels of stress. The most important thing about knowing my cholesterol number is that it is a positive affirmation for a balanced and moderate lifestyle. It is also a great benchmark to have going forward as age increasingly factors into declining health markers (bone loss, muscle mass loss) which I am going to strive to keep at bay. So on that note it is time to get off the computer and into some workout gear and push some weights around. I am hoping my road rash and accompanying bruising heals quicker than it has been. The shin is mighty bruised and very sore.

Don't forget - Get me your F words!

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  1. Fuel / FYI / Freak / Fun / Fit!

    If you are interested in trying out mircrolactin for runners (Swiss Naturals), let me know.

    Harriet (harriet@limelitepr.com