Frustrated (F2)

It's been one week since I crashed. Today I got back on the bike and rode home after dropping the mom-mobile off for a tune-up. I have been nervous about this ride since oh, last Tuesday when I got home from my spill. The ride started off super great on some lovely paths along the Bow river until I hit a detour. Thanks Calgary for the crappiest detour signs ever. So instead of sticking to the nice safe paths I found myself biking through industrial Calgary to get home. Courteous truck drivers - not so much. But I made it home with no more scrapes or cuts than what are slowly healing. It was a big push to get the bike moving today after a strenuous weight session yesterday and a big head wind. I would have loved to see better numbers on the Garmin when I got home but it wasn't to be. I'm going to have to find some nice open road to get a good consistent cadence going and so I can really push the speed. For now, first ride back on the bike though, I'm just happy not to have crashed again.

Other great news! Hubby bought a bike too! We just need to go get him some more gear (nothing essential, just a helmet) and then we can hopefully find someone to watch M and we can go riding together. My fear though is that just like running, his long man legs will have much more power than mine and he'll be out riding me. Thankfully I know that if we eventually end up doing some triathlons I can out swim him. Not that it has to be a competition but when he makes running look so easy and I feel like I'm dragging our house behind me... You get the point I'm sure.

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