Happy Hiking

We got out for our second hike of the season (I know, pathetic) with Mallory in tow. She loves the idea of being in the backpack, ie. tries to climb in while getting things packed in the morning, but after 45 minutes she's ready to be out and exploring nature from her height, not Dad's. Such is life and we can only hope she'll become more patient, and start napping on the way out instead of singing us songs. Today our goal was Memorial Lakes - the hike chosen by Stu. But alas, Gillean led him astray and rather than the hike being 7km from the parking lot to the lakes, it was 7km from the trail head to the lakes; The trail head being 4kms from the parking lot. So, a tired babe won out over trekking on and we turned back to the lot after a short distance on the Memorial Lakes trail. With her grump we wouldn't have made it to the scenic ribbon falls either. But! We were out of the city and the weather was absolutely amazing. This was the view just a few hundred metres from returning to the lot.

I thought as it was so nice out I'd take advantage of the creek and dip my tired tootsies in the creek. Brr! Still really chilly - as you can see I barely have them in the water for the photo. We hope to get out twice next weekend but we will see how the weather holds. Happy Hiking!

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