New kicks to change my attitude.

Here's Mallory all decked out in her new kicks due to a small foot injury. But this blog isn't about her and how darn cute she looks in her Nikes - or fast for that matter. When you get a pair of tights on that girl the chub looks like strong legs and a super kick-ass butt. While I hope she gets her dad's long legs I wouldn't be opposed to her having my more muscular build. A combo would be ideal - I dream of her athleticism - or maybe she'll be into music, that would be ok too, wouldn't it? M has become pretty fearless and cruises over and around just about everything. We can spend an hour exploring the park - up stairs, down slides, over beams, crawl, crawl, cruise, cruise. She is a bundle of happy exploring energy - I need to take note and follow her excited and enthusiastic lead.

Don't mistake lack of blogging for lack of work. Ok you can a little bit. I've definitely scaled back the km's and I'm not pushing so hard while doing weights. And it's not that there isn't a whole bunch of stuff coming up. Like in 3.5 weeks I'm doing the warrior dash in Whistler; 2 weeks after that the Spartan race here in the city; Less than 10 weeks from now the Blitz Duathlon. I am also contemplating more half's this fall - one, maybe two. I've been logging a mere average of 13km a week. Time to ramp it up! My hopeful motivation - I will either be purchasing a new-to-me road bike this weekend or borrowing one for duathlon training. I've also made myself an activity calendar and I am going to bust out the star stickers again.

The best thing I've done lately is hike with M and Stu. We finally got out and purchased a pack to carry her. We hiked to Baldie Pass last Friday and if it weren't for the wind we could've climbed a bit further. The best thing about hiking with Mallory - I can keep up to Stu finally. The extra weight from carrying M slows him down to my pace so I'm finally not running up the mountains to keep up to his long legs. M loved the trip especially the part where she got to get out and play with the rocks and sticks. I loved mixing it up and being out of the city during an insane week of bad western wear and drunken non-sense.

I will blog more about all the good work I'm going to be doing and hopefully it will pay off with some great results in August.

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