Obstacle Course Training

Obstacles can be literal or figurative. In my case I've got a bit of both leading up to the Warrior Dash in 19 days and the Spartan Race in just a few more but lately they've been pretty literal. When you're living in a two bedroom condo with a one year old there are obstacles everywhere - toys, books, pillows, toys, food on the floor. I am constantly stepping over or around something multiple times during my day. With the dishes piled up in or near the sink I chose to get my workout in today before I let any more domestic obstacles get in my way and make me more fatigued than the 30 degree weather already had. Ah yes, the weather. Is it possible to be too nice out? I was sweating before I even started warming up today. Speaking of warming up - I went to the door to get my bike shoes knowing I was going to have to sort through the piled up sneakers to find them and no joke - this is how I found them - perfectly on the rack while our numerous runners were piled up on the floor. Somehow M knew I needed to find them. So domestic chore or replacing shoes on the rack was (temporarily) averted.

But enough about the obstacles in my day to day life - here's what I'm really going to be facing in Whistler and what I've been doing to train. 3.07 miles. Huh? 4.95 kms in which I will:

Scramble over a tower of hay bales
Stampede through a junk yard
Crawl through tunnels
Rappel down a rope
Conquer a wall
Walk a tight rope over water
Navigate a web of ropes
Traverse planks over a gully
Climb up and over cargo nets
Leap over fire
Scramble through the mud under barbed wire

Phew, it's exhausting just writing this. But I have a plan in place to help me. Tonight I pushed and pulled my way through a grueling workout at home. Step ups with heavy weight for power to leap; rows for back strength to climb and descend; one legged squats for stability; mountain climbers for scrambling at speed; and core galore for all of it. I think I'm going to hit the ropes at the park when I take Mallory. There's a couple spider web like objects I will attempt to maneuver through. More importantly, I've got an early date with the bike to beat the heat.

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