No, I'm not blogging about my sex life but rather my run this morning. Yes, last night I said I was going to bike this am - one problem - I have yet to purchase a water bottle for the bike and I thought it'd be silly wearing a fuel belt. So running it was. Alarm 6:45. Ugh. Never helps when the husband is next to the alarm and is in charge of the snooze button. Doesn't help when the only alarm I've woken up to for a long while is Mallory waking up (usually 7:30 or later). So I gave the teeth a quick brush, put on a tried and tested feel good outfit, and was at the pathway by, eep! 7:23? Alright, shorter it is. But quicker? That wasn't the intention but I put in a fantastic 6km at a 5:30 pace. My goal has been to train around a 5:45 for continuous runs. Now, I was tired at the end but I was elated with my pace. I'm going to take a page from hubby's training regimen and repeat the same run a few times to hopefully see improvement - as I'm not in a rush to increase my distance I think this is going to be a fair, and fun, way to train.

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