Facts and Figures

There are two kinds of runners in our house. One who keeps records via a trusty garmin and plans their schedule obsessively; One who sticks to some vague idea of distance, runs without a watch, and is, of the two, a better runner. Yes, I am the fact keeping, figure analyzing runner and can't understand how Stu doesn't even wear a watch - he just checks the clock before he goes and when he returns. I wasn't always so hardcore. But then I got a Garmin 405 for my birthday in March and voila - all the good info I could care to know. Like, exactly how fast was I going when I crashed my bike?

I try not to be too obsessive about my stats but when I come home and I can see that I ran an 'easy' 12k at a 5:52 average pace, I think, nice, that'a girl, you're getting really good at this. But you have to be careful with that kind of thinking and knowledge. Because knowing leads to cockiness and then you go out too hard on your next run and then I'll be writing a post called flunk and fail. On the bike I can see my cadence - get it up, get it up - I coach myself. And those aren't the only stats I can see. I can track my shoe kilometres, see how many I've put in on the trail vs. the paths. Handy when I'm contemplating purchasing new ones. I can look at the calendar and see that I put in five hours of training last week. Those are mere minutes when you think there were over a thousand finishers for Ironman Canada on the weekend moving continuously for over nine hours.

It's not just running or biking stats these days. Our lives are consumed by numbers. Converting grams to ounces, tracking calories, measuring everything we eat. Thank you Apple for our iphones and the apps which have come in so handy. Right now we're using My Fitness Pal to keep track of our calories. It's great because 1. it was free and 2. you can scan bar codes. The app allots me 1470 calories/day if I want to loose .5 lbs per week. This doesn't include exercise so some days I can eat more if I have a long workout.

I know though you really want to find out if this eating plan is actually working. I have been over the recommended 1200 each day and have averaged about 1550 over the last three days. I won't know until tomorrow (weekly weigh in) for sure and I think my number will be skewed due to the arrival of a good ol' bloating inducing, water retaining period but I think it's working. Overall I am feeling really good on this plan. I feel lighter, I'm not as gassy or bloated, and the feeling is mutual with hubby. I am tired of salads. The real answer tomorrow with a new statistics bar with the update.

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  1. It's funny because I used to be like you with all my Garmin stats, obsessive logging etc. And then one day I just stopped... Now I'm a Stu! No idea why, I guess I just got tired of it?

    Isn't MyFitnessPal a great app?