Fantabulous - Endure: Run Woman Show Review

The word fantabulous as supplied by Lisa for the 50 F post challenge has this to say about the word: It carries the same level of importance or "extreme expression" as Ginormous - aka, greater than it's original singular elements.

That is exactly what Endure is, fantabulous. I was so glad I got to experience Melanie and her amazing work. Keeping up with Melanie and her beautiful form, running strong and graceful, she led us through the park on paths and through fields. With those same paths being so close to home and ones which I frequent these days I saw them in a whole new light and now will return to them with a fuller sense of purpose and power. Melanie's narrative was intelligent, hilarious, poignant. I laughed with my fellow participants (we were not merely spectators) and took moments to use Melanie's narrative as introspect on my own life. Endure is the monologue of Melanie Jones that takes us on her 26.2 journey and the life which brought her there. Using the marathon as both a metaphor for life and honest realism of what it takes to run that far, her work not only speaks to runners who have been or going through training but also to any person who has, is, or will overcome personal trials which force us to find our true selves. Endure helps us see the lighter side of life and understand how our reactions are honest decisions to be in control of our lives. As we walked back from the final scene to Eau Claire, Graham the production manager caught up with me and asked me to sum up the show in one word. I chose humanity. I chose humanity because every person has raw emotions, not just runners. Emotions which we can either tap into and direct into positive energy or the alternate - a few of whom we saw lingering on the banks of the Bow river. I left Endure empowered to run. I also left empowered as a runner - proud to be part of that tribe. There's one show left and I strongly recommend you get the remaining few tickets before they're gone.

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