Field (in a 400m Track)

Yesterday morning I found myself needing to stretch my legs out and go for a run. My thought was that if I ran an easy 3k then returned for a cold bath that the soreness from the uphill climbs and the downhill descents would ease away. As I jogged around Surrey I stumbled upon a high school field - in a 400m track. Perhaps it was the excess oxygen running near sea level or perhaps general insanity but I had to employ a whole lot of will power to keep myself from running repeats around the track. I'm sure with the fatigue from the Dash repeats would have been embarrassing and well downright stupid. So I plodded back to my brothers oh so craving some speed.

Thankfully (I think, I might be speaking too soon) I am going to start the Run Less Run Faster program. Running three times a week - one a track workout, with two cross training sessions (biking!) seems right up my alley. And, conveniently the program is 18 weeks - perfect for Vegas!!! Yep the hubby and I are heading down for four nights of child free vacationing. While the plan calls for some initial mileage more than I think I'm capable of in the first few weeks, I'm going to try my best and ramp up steadily so I'm hitting the targets by the last 12 weeks of the program. The runs I'm most worried about are the long slows. I just don't do either well, especially the slow part. I think it is definitely time to secure a running buddy or two to get me through. The other option is to do the miles on the trails where I know I'm slower. This will also give me the advantage of running more hills thus building strength. Or I will stick to a bit of madness and mix it up. After all, I can't be totally structured and predictable can I?

I rarely get a good race photo if I even get one at all. Somehow though I mustered a smile and a bound for the camera during the dash and so I got this decent photo. I actually look like I'm enjoying myself don't I? Some other notes on the dash - my garmin was way off. It registered a distance of 3.42. With this distance and a time of 34:43 I was dejected. But! When the results with our paces were posted we realized the course was actually 4.94km. Phew! I then am super happy with my time and was in the top 10% in my age category. Even better, hubby was super fast. He was 10th overall in his age category, 101 for all the men, and 108th finisher overall - out of 4000! I can't wait to be back running on home turf. We went on a shopping spree at Ice Breaker so I need to test out all the new gear.

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  1. Never underestimate the value of smiling for the photographer. I've noticed that they take more pictures of you if you're smiling, which dramatically increases your chances of getting one where you look like you know what you're doing! :)