Fierce - Warrior Dash Race Recap- He Said She Said

On Saturday we raced the Warrior Dash in beautiful Whistler. It was hot and sunny and festive. As I ran the race with hubby and brother I thought I'd do a race recap in a he said she said style. SB is Stu (hubby), JP is Jared (bro), and KB is me.

Pre-Race Thoughts

Nervous? SB-no, JP-no, Kb-no. Excited? Hell ya!

Obstacle you were most looking forward to based on the course map?
SB - Tight rope over the ravine or the rappel down a cliff
JP-Rappel down a cliff
Note - sadly there was no rappel down a cliff.
KP-Tight rope over the race
Note - sadly there was no tight rope over water. Wtf?

Obstacle you were least looking forward to?
KP - Crawling through the mud
SB - Crawling through the mud
JP - Tight rope walk (which as noted didn't happen)

Other pre-race thoughts (before arriving)
KP - I got this
JP - We are going to be late, Mario Andretti mode
SB - I am putting this in 4x4 to keep up with Mario
Note - I had told Jared we had to check in at noon, not start at noon, thus we were doing a stomach sickening speed up the sea to sky hiway.

Pre-Race thoughts upon arriving.
JP - omg look at that hill, the environment was super fun and people looked like they were having a blast.
KB - holy f that hill is going to kill me, I don't got this. Great band, amazing tunes!
SB - This is awsome (with a goofy smile and head bob to the music)
Note: you could hear the music the entire race - fantastic!!!

The Race

How far up the hill did you run before walking it?
KB - farther than JP, but only by a few steps I think
JP - 400m? next year, I'm going to be doing some serious hill training
SB - just over half I'm hoping
Note: the hill was a kilometer long and this picture can't do justice to how steep and long it really was, you think you can see the top - wrong!

Favorite obstacle
SB - over/under because people were struggling and I had my height to just leap the overs
JP on the wall hop - I'm wall hopping like a convict escaping from prison (note, there was some barbed wire involved in the obstacle)
KP on the wall hop - I nailed it and I wasn't even tall like hubby, I was passing the men. Thank goodness for my triceps!
JP - the cargo net - higher than I thought; it was challenging; but i thought, man if you fall and get your arm caught, you could dislocate your shoulder or crack your arm.
KP - slip and slide!!! Seriously when do you get to dive head first down a ski hill at an alarming fast pace and crash into hay bales. I did hurt the butt very near the sensitive girl parts on the rock when I flipped to my back side to slow down. Ouch. Note: both the boys ran down the slip and slide - I don't get it, this was supposed to be fun right?

Dumbest Obstacle
A consensus on the fire leap. There were roots and rocks on the course that were more challenging.

Hardest Obstacle
If you can count the hill that at the beginning then that's it.
KP - The run through the spraying water was tough. You couldn't see and had no idea what you were stepping on, I was definitely nervous going through that section but I charged on. Essentially it was the snow makers turned on spraying water, it was thick and wet.

Was the mud crawl really that bad?
KB - it was fine until the guy next to me flung his arm and through mud into my face
SB - apart from the glob in the eye it was manageable
JP - no no, they could have made the crawl under the barbed wire longer

Are we doing it again next year?

Overall the race was really well organized, marked, and staffed/volunteered. Things we learnt for next year: bring garbage bags for dirty clothes, bring towels to dry off after being sprayed down, wear your sandals to get hosed off. I can't wait for the Spartan Sprint in Calgary in two weeks!

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