Food, Glorious Food

I have come to conclude that if I'm going to schedule myself healthy that includes not only subscribing to a strategic and thought-out running program but also to a arranged and calculated eating plan. Well ok, Stu concluded this when he brought home a book from the library recommended by one of his co-workers. I am on-board though. And when you get to bring home such a lovely bounty from the farmer's market, who can't help but be excited!

By no means are we junk-aholics in this house. We don't buy chips, pop, candy. We eat our veggies, lean meats, fruits, whole grains daily, weekly, monthly. We don't cook with excess fats. We are though, most likely, eating portions we assume to be appropriate. Or snacking off M's tray. The plan calls for a daily balance of carbs (50%), proteins (25%), and fats (25%). And when I say carbs that's not strictly from cereals and breads, but carbs from fruits and veggies too. It's a good plan, a balanced plan.

So, a plan. I like the plan, except... The plan calls for roughly 1200 calories a day. Mallory eats more than that these days! Stu weighs 50lbs more than me so logistically he needs more calories than I do. Stu is lean at best, I don't need an emaciated husband. There are formulas out there to decide your base calories - what your body needs to simply function, not necessarily move - about 10x your weight in pounds. Ok, already over the 1200 calorie/day recommendation. Then there's the calories needed to move around - I am chasing a toddler after all, x20% of your base. Then, there's the calories I burn exercising, an hour is roughly 450 (if not more!) Therefore this plan is about 800 calories short of my daily expenditure. I'm going to lose a pound every 4.5 days! Hmm, I don't think so.

I find the plan comes up short with veggies & fruits - so I'm going to add those in as I see necessary. No one got fat eating bananas right? I will continue with my full fat milk, cheese, and yogurt. If whole grains are good for you then why aren't whole milk products? Blah blah blah calories and fat - a cup of whole milk vs. 1% yields only 50 more calories. Butter per volume has no more calories than canola oil. I ranted previously about fat and the (thankfully) changing mindsets with regards to animal and saturated fats. Saturated fats aren't the whole story when it comes to your cholesterol numbers, as seen below from my recent blood work.

So with my little tweaks, more fruit and veggies, full fat dairy, I figure my calorie consumption will likely be an extra 200 calories/day on top of the plan. I also intend to have a recovery snack post working out. This will be roughly 250 calories - a cup of chocolate milk plus a yummy homemade recovery cookie.

So what's the point of doing the plan if I'm not going to follow it to a tee and I'm going to ignore half the advice? Because the foundation of the plan is still good - portion control, more frequent and controlled snacking, and a meal plan so there's no more 'what's for dinner?'. Even adding in full fat dairy, more fruit and veg, and the recovery snack, I should still have a daily deficit of calories yielding some weight loss but hopefully some body fat % loss in particular. We start on Wednesday for good and are going to do a two week trial to see how we feel - hungry, starving, more energy? Mostly I can't wait to dig into those veggies - look out radishes, here I come!

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  1. I'm loving your blogs. 1200 calories is hard! I love the farmer's market in the summer... and have you ever tried spud.ca? they are my saving grace in the winter.

    I'm anxiously awaiting the race report from Sat!