Today was that run we all hope to have, the one where after struggling for a few kilometers, runner's high suddenly kicks in. Ahhh. Today was that run that I wish I didn't have to come home to go to the dentist but rather that I could have kept running and running and running (that would equate to three more kms in case you were wondering just how far I thought I could keep going.)

One thing I'm constantly trying to mind these days is my form. Am I standing up tall? Yes. Am I striking mid-foot? Yes. Cadence? Um. Leaning from the ankles? Um. Exactly what am I referring to? Good form - as described in the video below.

This isn't the first I've seen about good form. Runner's World put out this article with regards to form and I thought, man, me, run like Ryan Hall? He's a freakin' white Gazelle, there is no way I'm ever going to bound around the asphalt like that and have hang-time between strides. I have never counted my steps but I can tell you that even with runner's high there was no way I was hitting 180 steps, I was running much too slow, though surprisingly fast, for that this morning. So I have to pick when exactly I'm going to put it all together - posture, mid-foot strike, cadence, ankle lean. Speed work I imagine but who can even begin to imagine counting to 180 when you're trying to remember to breathe? Even trying to count 45 steps in 15 seconds seems near impossible. And the ankle lean. Oh the ankle lean. Theoretically if I lean then my turn-over should be faster. I think about it though and I'm afraid that I'm going to smash my face into the pavement from the excess gravity. See, men, and most elite women runners, they don't have a busty chest. I'm not saying I'm the bustiest girl on the block but when you lean the girls forward they do have a little weight behind them that just wants to go down, despite the best sports bra in my repertoire. But ok, my husband doesn't snivel about my chest so why should I? Maybe he can come run behind me and count my steps - if he can keep his eyes down and focused where they should be that is ;). And well, if I can't count steps or lean appropriately then I'm quite happy to have runner's high and do 11k in 1:02.

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