Well, it's the big weekend - the duathlon is Saturday. Gernerally I get pre-race nerves the day before but this is something else - I've had them all week. I've been involved with Blitz Events as a voluntold since its inception in 2009. I've seen hundreds of people cross the finish line at their three annual events, helped with course design, and had new ideas bounced off me. This weekend, rather than being part of an amazing group of volunteers who will help direct traffic, provide on course support and cheering, or make home made goodies, I will be participating. My cousin Tricia founded Blitz Events in 2009 and our family and some good friends have rallied behind her; Our cousin Christine is her partner in planning. This is in part why I am so nervous about this weekend's race, almost my entire family will be there watching. That and I really have my eye on the prize - not a door prize but an all out gut busting effort to do good, to win. My family doesn't care when or how I cross the finish line but could you imagine how great it would feel to have almost your entire family there for a big win? Could you imagine having your entire family there and his to watch Stu win? Can you imagine not and feeling like a failure? The pressue is entirely self-imposed but I've never really wanted to win a race before and now suddenly I'm all consumed. Butall-consumed-me must re-direct my focus to the things I can control and set out to hydrate and up my glycogen stores for the next 36 or so hours and then cross my fingers for some ideal race conditions and some magic in my body.

AND - Dear Family: before I'm too exhausted and forget. THANK-YOU for all your support, encouragement, & love.

Tricia & Christine

My mom and friend Jen Carr

My Aunts, Karla, Irene, & Lez

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  1. Good luck Kour! You will rock the course and be a success to the entire family no matter what place you finish in. T