Fatigue and Fuel

I am so happy this is a taper week, I'm wiped. Mallory's emerging molar has led to some poor sleep for the entire family. Yesterday after breakfast Stu and I went back to bed when M napped for the entire 2.5 hours - darn phone that disturbed us all. Hopefully she'll turn the corner (tonight) and we can continue to rest up for the impending duathlon. Last week after Stu's calf ache flared up I put my foot down and we headed to the store to get some compression socks. He chose the recommended calf only version, I picked up some fashionable ones from RunningSkirts. I love them! In fact, I'm wearing them right now because they're so darn comfy and make my legs feel... it's hard to describe. It makes them feel alive? Well not sure about that, how about it makes them feel not lazy. As in walking around the house tired all over my calves are happy-go-lucky. In fact I think I'm going to get some shorts because after last night's late night run I came home with no desire to get in a cold tub. My quads were shot and I thought, I need compression shorts. Really, who wouldn't rather put on a pair of shorts vs. jumping in a cold tub? Yes please.

At about 10k last night I could feel the legs saying 'thank-you, that's enough'. But I talked some trash to them and they got the word and stood up for themselves for another 2.5k. I am struggling with fueling. Not when but what exactly. Gu made my stomach churn. Beans only have minimal calories and I can do electrolytes in my fluids. Generally I'm just not into sugary-junk and it seems that all fueling options are geared that way. Can't I just find a way to carry a tin of pringles? While my kms aren't overly high now, I need to practice this all essential fueling (or so they tell me) so I don`t continue to fatigue on my runs. I wonder about it though. I did the Calgary 1/2 with a little bit of electrolytes drink and some beans and posted a respectable 2:02. And theoretically, the less time you spend running the less you need to fuel, and I'm definitely going to run sub two in Vegas, then why am I trying to change what pretty much worked?

I listened to a great podcast while running last night from my two favorite running celebrities, Dimity & Sara. The podcast was full of great tips on fueling and eating. I felt like a real idiot though trying not to bust a gut laughing - sure, talk about the funny stuff right when I'm running through a huge crowd of people. Should a person really be this consumed everyday about what they're eating? Yesterday I had ice cream. Yummy going in, crappy once in. Ice Cream, one of my most loved desserts, left me feeling sluggish. I wanted to cry. This eating plan really is changing me for the better, or something like that. As a wanna-be-athlete I have to be this consumed with my consumption I suppose. On that note, it's time for a snack.

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