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Compete in a multi-sport event. Check. Duathlon come and gone here's what I know. If there's a giant hill on the course, practice running hills, a lot of hills. You can catch people on the bike but don't ever let someone try and draft you up a hill - attack and leave them in your dust. Running two kilometres can be especially trying and painful though still quick.

1st Run: 40:42.50 Bike: 44:43.60 2nd Run: 10:53.60 Total Time: 1:36:19.70

The duathlon was a great success. No, I didn't win. No, I didn't place in my age category. No, I didn't place fourth and win a coveted Sufferfest video. But... I was 9th overall female and 43rd overall participant. Woo Hoo! It was my final run where I dropped the ball and from the pictures you can see why - I'm exhausted. I made a huge mistake and forgot to put my electrolyte tabs at transition. I could feel myself having to push on the bike even on the downhill and didn't have the gusto in the legs to catch the girl ahead of me and my legs were not jello, but puddles on the run and I could feel my body screaming - salt!!! Lesson learned.

I'm not usually crazy about my race photos because I don't look all that good. Maybe it's because they're taken at the end of the course when I'm all out of energy and could care less about looking good. Truth be told, I do care though what that picture can tell me. My mom snapped up some shots of me with less than a kilometre to go in the race. Stu would like to tell you that the buckling in my knees is camber and that it was helping me negotiate the curves in the final part of the course. I can tell you that I'm tired, collapsing in my hips, bending at the waist, and generally exerting energy in a bunch of negative ways. Just look at my arms, nothing relaxed and smooth there - lots of tension built up and the energy should be going to my legs. Well I know what to do about all of that so back to the exercises I was slightly (ok completely) neglecting leading up to the race focusing instead on cardio. Bad Kourtney.

Looking somewhat better seconds before.

And what of the actual race? Loved it, loved it, loved it - except the giant hill. Alberta needs more duathlons. My favorite part of the whole race was the bike. Despite the head wind and despite posting my worst time on the course (even factoring in transition times) I felt as though I had the best ride of my life. I felt strong, steady, and fast. I realized that even in 20kms there is time to be had and competitors to be caught. My pre-race tune-up by the good folks at Speed Theory and a last minute tire pressure check I'm sure contributed to this; I think I was also sitting better on the demo saddle they let me use. Transition seemed to go smoothly but I have nothing to compare it to. Looking back I can see where I could have pushed harder on the first run but not knowing the course I chose to be conservative where I think I could have otherwise pushed slightly harder. Next year I will hike the course before hand.

The rest of the event from package pick-up, to check-in, to you name it was well executed by Blitz organizers and volunteers. As always the volunteers were chipper and helpful. The timing group was immediately posting results (love!) and the food was delicious.

Mallory digging in to my post-race treat.

All of the race results can be found on the Blitz website.

The photos from Laurie are posted here on facebook. There is one of me looking surprisingly strong though barely breathing.

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