Flowers - a great reason to take a break from my cardio intensive schedule and do something different. The past three days were spent in the yard at the new house (under going major renovations) building flower beds. This involved digging a lot of weeds, moving a lot of landscaping stones, moving a lot of dirt, and generally just moving for a good portion of each day. Yesterday's scheduled 14km was not to be had, I was wiped, and still am thanks to a sleepless night due to an emerging molar. However, there's training to be done.

The weather has been so beautiful and as I drove home from work and saw loads of people running on the pathways I was longing to hit the paths. This is when I know that a break is both well deserved and well timed. I haven't lost the drive to be out there pounding soil beneath my feet. Tonight I fear the only pounding I will be doing will be my head on my handlebars as I scream, 'make it stop!'. Yes, it's Sufferfest night and the only joy is our new (to us) trainer. Now we can train full time in the BTC (bike torture chamber for non Sufferlandrians) on our specific bikes rather than a generic spin bike. I hate/love/hate/like the Sufferfest. If you haven't done a Sufferfest you should, just once, for each video that is. Each video makes me scream at the television which is why I'm sure you can't understand why I can't wait to get my hands on the latest installment due out this fall. Is it cheating to try for a fourth place finish at the Blitz Duathlon to secure the new video? In any case, coach M has given the new BTC her approval.

Speaking of the Duathlon. Hubby and I have been out practicing the bike course and all I can say is that it's a beautiful yet challenging 20km. The way out is deceiving. It seems so flat, but it's not at all. That just means though that the return journey is ever so sweet (especially with a tail wind). Here's a shot of hubby and I sporting our IceBreaker splurges from our trip to Vancouver in August. Have I mentioned I love wool?

PS. For those wondering, no, that isn't our bike. Now that would be a Sufferfest!

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  1. Haha, when I saw that pic on facebook I was actually going to make fun of your kickstand! :)

    M will be ready for a bike soon too.