Four Weeks

This is my scale, we've been friends lately.

Well, it's been four weeks since we started the new eating plan as outline in my previous blog post. I can decidedly say, wow, who knew I ate so much food? I have lost six (no, not a typo) in four weeks. So was I starving? No. Have any food cravings? No - well yes. I ate crappy one or two days and couldn't wait to have a salad. In fact, it's been a few days since I've had a salad and all I can think about it eating a crunchy, leafy, salad. I now crave salads. All those other food cravings, dessert, salt, dairy. Gone. I don't even think I'm looking forward to brunch on Sunday because I'm afraid of a food hangover. A what? Basically it's when you eat quantities or types of food you don't normally and thus feel sluggish, bloated, and crummy as a result. Ok, I am really looking forward to a waffle but I can see myself passing up the bacon and sausage in favour for an omlette loaded with veggies.

This has been a truly eye opening experience for me. I have never consciously tried to lose weight by modifying my diet - just by increasing my exercise. Below is a picture taken July 25, 2009 - one month before our wedding (no, I did not pay for a moustache ride.) Overlooking that and the hair curlers, I want you to look closely at my blue shorts, my tight blue shorts and while we're at it the yellow shirt isn't all that slimming.

Now I want you to look closely at those same blue shorts. Sure, in two years the fabric could have stretched but this is me today, nearly eight pounds lighter than I was at my wedding. The yellow shirt has since left my possession but I can tell you that the mocha coloured top I was wearing today isn't deceivingly slimming in photos - I'm just that skinny.

So now what? Keep eating roughly 1400 calories a day or beef it up to maintain my current weight? As the schedule calls for some serious increase in mileage training for Vegas and I plan to work harder at building my muscle mass I am going to opt for roughly 1600 calories a day. I've been using My Fitness Pal on the iphone and loving it. It's handy dandy so to speak. I don't obsessively count every calorie but I put in the numbers four to five times a week and this is usually a good base to understand what I'm eating and the calories food packs. I can look at the end of the day and say hey, I've got some wiggle room, I'm going to have some popcorn, or pretzels, or chocolate.

Building mass the mom way.

I am not a chocoholic. A chipoholic yes but chocolate has to be well timed and stunningly delicious. Today such a treat happened. In celebration of four weeks well done and to ward off pms symptoms I picked Stu and I up some chocolate from the local drug store. Mmm, dark chocolate and raspberries combined, thank you Theobroma. I could perfectly well eat this monthly with a good cup of joe and I in fact intend to do that. Believe me, this is one of those good intentions I will follow through with.

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