Feline or Canine?

Everyone has a different running style - and by style I don't mean shorts, singlets, and gloves year round. I mean are you a solo cat or a pack person? Maybe you're somewhere in the middle. We encounter many types of other runners when we head out on the paths or trails and lately I have to wonder, aren't we all part of the same pack of slightly delusional, nerdy, type a personalities? There's a reason non-runners don't get runners, there is something peculiar about the hours we run, our obsession with nutritional products, the near constant desire to go further or faster. Most of us run for recreation, fitness.  Ok fair. Some people play slo-pitch and you don't see them keeping stats on their RBI's or field errors. But we're not here to talk about statistics - we're here to decide if you're a feline or canine runner. I have design a quiz to help you identify your running style.

1. At work do you...
a) keep your door closed at all times
b) work with your door open
c) do your work from your smartphone at the coffee maker

2. You would describe your grooming habits as...
a) impeccable
b) shave when you need to attend a social function
c) don't mind if anyone catches you picking your wedgie

3. You prefer to eat...
a) slowly, savouring each bite
b) responsibly with the occasional indulgence
c) anything and everything

Ok, now for the truth. If you answered...

Mostly A's - You are a feline runner. Not to be confused with the other cougar variety seen on the running paths, you are most likely very motivated and believe you can achieve great success. Some people would describe you as having an extreme A type personality. From time to time, two cats can be seen running together and can be likened to the Siamese duo from Lady and the Tramp. Feline runners don't always acknowledge other runners but that's ok because they know you're more than welcome to join them anytime you want. Take heed, others might believe you to be aloof or arrogant though you may simply be shy and introverted or need an hours peace from your eight children.

Mostly B's or one of each - You are exhibit traits of both feline and canine runners. You might be a bit moody and so sometimes you prefer to run solo and other times you like to team up. Perhaps your a bit insecure and feel like you'll be holding a group back - shake that attitude away! If you're out running solo you don't hesitate to give a wave, nod, smile, or hello to another runner and you're taken aback if the greeting isn't return - you get your hackles up so so speak. Take caution as others might perceive you as either a cat or dog; You should firmly establish that you are both and neither at the same time. You are a  little like Garfield, you love the solo time but truly appreciate the love you receive from your Odie like pals.

Mostly C's - You are a dog through and through. You probably have a couple handfuls of numbers for running buddies you can call up on a moments notice. You thrive in group runs and likely either lead a group or dream of it. You tend to be helpful and encouraging toward other runners. Careful though, you can become Alpha like in the pack and believe in too strongly in your own superiority. You might blog about running because what's better than writing about running when you can't be with someone talking about it? Like Goofy, you are cheerful and always wanting to help but can sometimes overstay your welcome.

So where do I fall on this list, probably a B.5 - not all the way C because I enjoy my solo head clearing time on my long runs but love meeting up with others for speed work, tempos, or trail runs. You need to know the fact though. Fact: I pretty much made all this up on my long run yesterday. Fact: I have have no psychology background. Fact: I intend no slight towards any other runner (except seriously, nod ok - see link) regardless of their animal orientation. So, who do I think I'm like? Snoopy. A sense of adventure, a few close friends, mostly happy though slightly moody, occasionally bossy. 

Happy Halloween!

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