October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I'm not normally, rah rah, charity, and I'm rarely into donating to find cures as I believe a bunch of money goes into the business of charity as opposed to actual research. But that is a rant for another day. I am however, concerned about my Flapjacks, their health, and the health of yours. Flapjacks? Yes, well, after months of breast feeding and weight loss I am flat as a pancake - it just seemed much cooler to title the post Flapjacks.

I do though, love projects that promote prevention or early detection, such as the Feel Your Boobies campaign. It is proudly supported by Moving Comfort - my favorite sports bras ever. I am super fortunate to come from a line of women who is (so far fingers crossed) free from this devastating disease. Call it good luck or good genes, I also call it smart living. From eating real whole healthy foods to making activity part of a daily life, prevention is worth it's weight in gold. Whole grains, veggies, fruit, meat, dairy, all the good yummy real food people who grow up around farms eat.

Have you noticed the generations that is currently most afflicted by cancers? The generation when processed foods became readily available. Sure processed food packaging has come along way, but really, you like the taste of that microwaved meal? Healthy eating isn't rocket science but it does require some thought and planning. My question: would you rather spend some extra time now, planning your meals, or would you rather be planning how to spend the remainder of your short life? Time to schedule yourself healthy.

So ladies, cop a feel of your flapjacks, eat something pink and delicious (mmm, berries), and have a healthy life.

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