It's been two weeks since the duathlon and now it's nine weeks away from the Vegas half marathon. I haven't been a total slacker since the duathlon (obviously not as I previewed AVDP) but training hasn't been consistent. Consistent enough though to put in a 24:18 5km on Friday night at the Ambulance Chasers Run here in the city.

Stu, on shift, doing water station duty at the 5km turn-around point.

The race could have possibly been my best race. It wasn't my fastest 5km (not far off though) but it was good. One of those runs that everything just seems to fall in place. My goal was to run sub 25 and I set out to accomplish that with my 4:00/:30 splits. The idea is I push hard for four minutes then back off for 30 seconds. I used this strategy when I PB'd my 5km previously but how it would translate 30 months later post baby was another story. You think you're the same but in honesty you're not - better maybe in fact! What made the race really great is that I didn't get caught up in who was around me even though the temptation was there to catch the two girls ahead of me. Doing this would have resulted in an age group finish but instead I was fourth by a mere 18 seconds. Disheartened, momentarily. I had no thoughts of placing in fact I hadn't even considered it, that wasn't my focus. It also helps to have your hubby and his overly enthusiastic partner at the turn-around cheering you on - how's that for a paid government position?

I came away from Friday feeling confident that the training I've been doing through out the summer and early fall has been productive. I did my first long run today in a long time (September 10!) I put in a consistent effort over 14km averaging 5:41 min/km with walk breaks ever 3km. That's insane! When I was training for Calgary this spring I was lucky to be averaging 6 minute kilometres. It feels really good knowing I'm moving quick again though today's run felt surprisingly easy and slow. As I ran today I got all dreamy about upcoming races - for next year. Is it too early to set my sights on a particular few? And by few I mean lots. 5ks, 10ks, more halfs, like the Harvest Half Marathon.

Yesterday Mallory & I went out and cheered on some amazing running friends, Jenny & Neasa, my mom, and her bf Dave, at the HHM. I want to do a post on all these wonderful people very soon as their individual stories inspire me and I'm tired of writing about myself. I saw some other unexpected faces on the course too and also many strangers, some struggling, some smiling. It felt good to repeat, 'keep it up' 'looking good' 'great running' over and over hoping I was doing some good and not stating the obvious.

Super-mom-runner Jenny. Fourth overall female! But her age graded performance meant she kicked Neasa's butt!

For now, time to really focus on upping the distance for Vegas and sticking to the training schedule so I can have another great race. For now, time to go to bed as 6am strength and conditioning class beckons.

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  1. Thanks Kourtney! So great to see beautiful you and beautiful Mallory! What a treat!!