Far and Away

Well, we made it to Vegas and I'm already wiped. Currently my legs are up the closet door trying to drain some blood. Between standing in airport lines and walking to and through the expo I'm wondering how my legs are going to have any pep for 21.1 tomorrow. In my near future I see an ice bath. After all, I did just move up to the 1:45 corral so I'd better find some spring in my stride.

With this being my first time in Vegas I'm trying to both take it all in and tune it all out simultaneously. There is no question that anything goes in Vegas, from fashion to footwear, fur (in hair, on jackets& boots) or furry creatures (yes that was a dog in its own stroller) it's all here. The strip is exotic and entertaining but also depressing, nothing like a bunch of illegal Mexicans promoting escorts or prostitutes or a one hour stand. On the flip side the sidewalks are immaculately clean.

Today though, the strip is all mine to conquer, along with 44 thousand other participants. Today I hope the buzz of the lights and the jeers of the drunken spectators will be fuel to my cause. I'm a little unsure of today but also a little confident too. Here's my internal monologue:

I've put in the training so a 1:45 is realistic.
I just got my period so I feel bloated and gassy.

I had a great sleep.
I just got my period and I'm still tired.

My legs feel pretty good.
My left calf still has a small cramp.

Ultimatly I'm just here to have a great time.
Who am I kidding, I'm trying to PB.

So I'm going to not think about the race so much today. At 9:30 I'm going to meet up with some other mother runners like Dim & Sarah. It should be great motivation to stick to my guns and give it everything I can.

So... Here we go!

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