Freedom - it is possible that it's too much of a good thing. With not a race in sight the last few weeks have been very very relaxed. I've done a 12km run and a 6km run and nothing else. Tomorrow that needs to change. While I'm not regimented to a strict schedule and I have the ability to do as I feel daily, unless I rough sketch something on the calendar nothing will be the trend instead of something. So, the 'Freedom' plan is going to look something like this: Cardio-Strenght-Cardio-Rest-Repeat Cardio will either be a) a run (weather dependent) or b) a Sufferfest (mood dependent). Strength will be on the TRX or drop-in at Tricia's full body beat-my-ass classes. I'd love to get in a long run (12+kms) at least once in ten days. Living near the cleared pathways and having some ambitious early season ultra-runner friends I think something will be getting me out the door for more beautiful days like the shot below. 

Looking West over the Res on a gorgeous sunny day.
It's not that I have no plans. In fact, I'd really like to get going on the TRX and feel like I've got some strength in me and not just the ability to run for hours on end. Coach M is getting heavy and I've been struggling to toss her around. My pipes just aren't the same as they used to be. I'm waiting a few more weeks to set the race schedule for 2012. I'm eyeing over the prospects, thinking about the timing, and contemplating where I want to put my focus. I'd like to pick three or four key races that other races are scheduled around as part of training.

For now though, I'm going to bask in my 1/2 PB and reward myself with some easy to moderate workouts until the holiday season passes. I also plan to indulge heavily in my mom's home baked goods and not step on the scale (too often). 

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  1. ahh, the baking. I can't believe it's still a week to Christmas when I have already eaten so much baking......