Well, 2012, you're going to be here soon. I suppose I'd best get planning then right? What races, when, where, how. Is it a year for more PB's? More new things? Or Less? Yes, looking ahead and trying to plan so far has been a challenge to date. The problem - an already full social calendar. Attempting to be a diverse well rounded individual I do this thing called Book Club. And going back to school - damn weekend classes. So far, those scheduled dates are conflicting with some classic race dates like St. Pat's. I guess it's time to get creative.

2011 was a pretty good year for racing. It was a mash up of several races (re-caps here) from 5kms to two halfs, a couple relays, and some obstacle course racing. I'd love to go back to Whistler for the Warrior Dash but I'm not sure it'll happen as I'm also booked to be at our family rebellion reunion that weekend and hubby is working. Dilemma, decisions.

There's a few certainties for 2012 so far. On January 21 I'm signed up for the Twitter Road Race. It's pretty simple, that day, you go out, run your potentially freezing toosh of for 5km on hopefully clear paths then tweet your time. Yes January is typically freezing and blustery but I'm forecasting a Chinook. (Do you hear me racing gods?) No prizes, no glory, just plain fun. Speaking of fun - how about running on snowshoes. After volunteering for two years I think it's time to compete. Who doesn't want a swanky weekend in Lake Louise with a beautiful race through the Rockies?

And if we're talking scenic runs, in May I'll do the Rocky Mountain Soap Run (12km) on Saturday in Canmore. By far I've heard the swag bag and organization of this race is top notch. The following day I'll do the traditional Mother's Day Race (5km) with the family. Then, at the end of June hubby and I, my aunt, and maybe some other relatives are going to do our first ever Triathlon in Red Deer. Yes, racing is a family affair. So, I guess that takes care of the something new part but then I'm also considering doing a road race on my bike - with no run before or after. Just biking. After all, I did get a shiny new beast!
Trek Madone 4.5

My 'running husband' Chris (because he makes the best cookies ever) has proposed a relay team for the Sinister 7. Trail running? Yes Please! And maybe that's what I'm going to look for - more trail races. Never mind this boring pavement crap. But ideally in 2012 I'd aim to PB a 5km, a 10km, and a half-marathon. Because there's no shortage of 5's or 10's around those won't need to be scheduled asap - although I like 5k's in my pockets so I'm consistently working on speed. April would be an ideal time. I think I'll end up doing the Edmonton half-marathon in August because that will fit best with my schedule. September I'll likely be repeating the Blitz Duathlon - perhaps the only repeat race from 2011 other than the annual Mother's Day run.

Wow, and before you know it, I've got a pretty full calendar. Throw in those 5's and 10's and it's going to be another stacked year. Just how I like it. I love racing (though could do without the fees). Racing every six weeks is my ideal.  I find it keeps me sharp. Mixing up the events and distances means I'm never without adding new components to my workouts so I don't get bored. As 2012 will likely be the last year of racing for a couple (yes, baby #2 is tentatively scheduled to be conceived for late 2012) I really want to make the most of it. As I'm a total slave to being pregnant and breastfeeding it means 18 months off of serious training. I could age a lot in those 18 months so I have to take advantage of my relative youth while I can.

Anything you think I should add into the mix? How about you - what are your plans?

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  1. Thanks for bringing the Twitter Road Race to my attention... it's in my calendar. I'm hoping to add trail runs to my race year too.