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Last night was my first swim workout. 1550m in 45ish minutes. I decided to join a regular, organized, structured class to help train for my June triathlon. I think the training is a steal of a deal at $90 for 9 weeks. The triathlon I'm registered for is a sprint, but the swim is a staggering 750m. When I registered I put I could do the swim in 15 minutes. Yep, I'm a hopeful. Or plain stupid perhaps. I think if I had to do it today I'd be closer to 20. Five minutes off a swim time. I have no idea what that means. I know what it means to take five minutes off a run or a bike but when it comes to swimming I'm lost. I'm the fish swimming up stream.

My swimming challenges I can see so far 1. needing to get my butt and feet up. That is a core strength issue I think, 2. breathing - getting the combo down right so I don't feel like I'm drowning or so I don't hyperventilate from breathing too often, 3. probably a bunch of other technical issues. Hopefully I can work on this swim thing and maybe get some hot arms and a hot back in the process - did I mention those muscles feel very fatigued today? On the plus side, I felt like my strong cardio base was a help in the pool. I was able to do the workout continuously without (excessive) rest. Bonus! That and I didn't drink too much pool water last night. And considering it's salt water - does it count as replacing my electrolytes?

Water, electrolytes. Lately I've been loving nuun. I was turned onto the product by Sarah and Dimity. I love the no sugar approach and the delicious flavours. I never feel bad when Coach M wants to take a swig. Currently I'm digging the Iced Tea and Lemon/Lime. I drop them in my water all day long and sip away. I love the idea of getting in balance before a key workout.

Balance - every feel just not right? Yep, I am that way sometimes, and then I think. Huh, when is the last time I took my vitamins? Yep. Despite the great effort to eat really good I know that there's days when I'm missing something. Keeping up with the vitamins helps me have some peace of mind that I'm covering my bases. If there's one supplement that I can't do without, it's my omega 3's. I notice a huge difference when I take them vs. not taking them. Focused, clarity, stable mood. My runner up supplement is vitamin D. 2000IU in the winter and 1000 in the summer. There's so much mounting evidence about the positive benefits of vitamin D it's outstanding. In fact, we make sure coach M gets her daily dose of Omega 3's and D everyday too.

I'm still an advocate from getting your essential nutrients from real food but I can assure you we are not eating the food our grandparents ate. I have to say that I'm super excited to be in our new house this summer and we can grow our own veg and fruits. Berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, peas. Yum - not sure if they'll even make it in the house to be cooked.

Swimming, food, vitamins, sure, they're not really a cohesive blog post but those are just the ramblings I've been thinking about lately. I haven't been very reflective about running, biking, or anything else of late. But! I am doing my first race of the season. The Twitter Road Race I love the idea of people all over the globe out to run five collective kilometers. It makes me happy to know I'm a runner who is part of a globally healthy movement (because we are unhealthily addicted to Twitter). It's cool to be connected I guess. Watch for the 'race' report on Sunday.

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