Follow Through

Another year come and gone and what with it? A pile of New Year's Resolutions bound to be abandoned.

So what's my resolution? A while back, I was sitting there with box dye on my hair painting my nails and though - what the hell am I thinking putting this crap ON my body. I strive to eat really clean organic delicious food and then I'm slathering all these chemicals on my body? I'll admit, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to skin care. Only lately have I been looking in the mirror thinking, hmm, getting a few wrinkles (eep!) I'm not religious about sunscreen, washing my face, and don't have a pile of lotions and creams. But what I do have could stand to be better. Why Natural Matters

I'll confess, I'm not about to toss my entire drawer full of MAC cosmetics (that I rarely use) or near new jar of face cream but I will, when it comes time to replace said items, source out some great alternatives. Already I wash my face using my anti-bacterial Norwex cloth. I use all their home goods too and have a 95% chemical free household when it comes to cleaning.

There are some great local products made by the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. that I'm going to give a whirl. I used their belly butter when I was pregnant and just adore their foot butter and lip butter. I was also given a book a while back called Organic Beauty that give formulas for doing your own compounding. I'm not sure this is up my alley but always handy in case I find a spare day with no child and time to have an at-home spa day. Might have to schedule that one as days like that don't come by happenstance. The book though has lots of great tips and suggestions for products.

Following through with the plan will always be the challenge. It takes time and effort to source out great products and find ones that work. I'm confident though I can make it happen and be better to my body. Do you have any great product suggestions for me?

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