Lately Coach M has been all about the fort building. It's a great place to play. It's also fun to do bum-drops on the couch. Something about her in the fort last night got me thinking - about what it represents - safety? strength? security? I think we all build forts around ourselves and it's hard to step outside the safety and security of what they do for us. The thing is, if we don't get outside our forts we're never going to become stronger. What does your fort look like - three, hour long runs each week that follow the same route? The same boring black shorts and white shirt? Easily mastered distances, 10km, 1/2 marathon? The same races year after year?

Sure, familiarity is good. But, the thing is when we break away from the fort - even for a short while we morph into these adventure seeking enthusiasts. And that is a good thing. This year, I'm adventuring into triathlon - sort of. In fact, it still feels pretty safe, I'm confident in the pool and know the bike and run will go relatively well. Ok, so I'm doing Mud Hero - but wait, still kinda safe, I did two obstacle course runs last year. I know what it means to train hard to PB a race and I'll be doing some of that too. So what's my challenge? It seems that I'm stuck inside the fort.

So now I'm on a mission - to do something radical this year. For now, it's a baby step. I accepted a position at one of the local specialty running stores, Strides. I've worked in running and fitness retail previously but haven't been in the game for nearly five years. I'm nervous about being savvy enough about all the new technology on the market. I know I'll catch on quick but none-the-less I don't want to be walking around the store sounding like a nincompoop.

So, I need an adventure. A quest. Maybe it's carrying Coach M in the backpack up a mountain. Maybe it's a road race on my bike (eep! large group riding). Yeah, that sounds adventurous.

What's your adventure in 2012?

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