Fresh Air

Let's be honest - I woke up really grumpy this morning. Really really grumpy. But I knew exactly what I needed. Fresh Air - and maybe a little sunshine. I like to try and get outside everyday, for my sanity, for coach M's sanity. Perhaps because I know we're six short weeks away from being in our new house and the cramped space of the condo is really wearing on me (all of us actually) or maybe it was just having gone three days without stepping foot outside save some trips to and from the car. The weather was uncooperative, windy to put it frankly - heavily gusting. That and walking around the block is getting boring for me (all of us actually).

So today, I finally stepped out the door at 4:30 for a run. A quick 6km so I could get home and eat with hubby and M before he left for work. It was beautiful. I mean really perfect out for running. Finally the wind had settled down and I ran the pathways smiling and waving at everyone. My heart was truly singing. I came home much much less grumpy and felt like I could even face another terrible night of the teething toddler (surprise! she was amazingly hilarious tonight). So I'm happy.

We're heading to Vernon for the weekend for a family weekend (my mom, my grandma, my brother & family) and I'm hoping we can do some tobogganing with the family. The forecast looks sunny and warm. I'm going to run 13km with my mom on Saturday. We ran 10km last weekend too. It's nice to get that time in with her and catch up on her life, gossip about the family, and help her train for another marathon (Avenue of the Giants) in what is proving to be a beautiful winter so far (fingers crossed). The kms are good for me too as I lead up to a half on May 12 although it is a trail run so I'm going to have to be hitting up the trails while the weather is decent.

Fresh Air - what has it done for you today?

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